About Belokurikha

The city is located in the southeastern part of the Altai region in the valley at an altitude of Belokurikha 240-250 meters above sea level at the foot of the mountain church.

The climate is characterized by high Belokurikha for Siberia and the average temperature is mostly windless weather, the lack of large differences in atmospheric pressure. By the number of sunny days per year is comparable to Belokurikha resorts of the Crimea and the Caucasus, sunny days a year - 260. Rainfall - 800 mm, mainly during the summer.

Since 1992, Belokurikha - a resort of federal value.

Mountain Air

Light air ions - the main component of treatment of mountain air. In Belokurikha content of light ions from 1014 to 2400, twice their maintenance at the world famous Swiss resort of Davos (1006). 

Belokurihinskie thermal springs called nitrogen-siliceous radonosoderzhaschimi water, nitrogen, or terms. Thermal waters come to the surface with a temperature of 30 ° C and 42 ° C. They contain small amounts of radon, a lot of nitrogen, fluorine, and silica, and various trace elements. The water is alkaline, mineralized. It also uses mud from the salt lakes of the Altai Territory.

Treatment and rest

Currently, a resort area Belokurikha able to take a lump sum of more than 5000 guests. In the city there are 19 resorts and sanatorium facilities for 5,000 seats, balneotherapy includes 27 types of procedures on mineral and fresh water. And the number of health centers, health centers, hotels, small guest houses in this protected area is growing steadily. In 2006, were put "turn-key" a few public buildings with total area of ​​22 952.4 m ² of the total cost of 239.6 million rubles. Construction is due to private investors.


At the beginning of 2010 the resort was equipped with three major ski slope, "Katun", "North", "The church".

"Siberian Davos"

Currently Belokurikha gets the glory not only as a spa resort, but also as a venue for international scientific conferences: the International Forum of UNESCO and the World Wildlife Fund under the theme "Nature, the environment, man," an annual "Siberian Davos" - the traditional economic conference collecting the economists and political scientists of the highest rank.